A new addition to our range comes from 'Marimba' who produce some amazing single-origen hot chocolate. It's so good we serve it in the Tea Shop and now you can enjoy it at home. There is even a 'sugar free' option.

Marimba Hot Chocolate Melt £6.50

Marimba hot chocolate melt

Available in 250g packs of Dark, White, Milk and 'Sugar-Free' chocolate. Each pack contains 6 good servings of flaked chocolate that is easy to blend at home.

Each drink is easy to make using either Milk or Non-Dairy alternatives such as Soya milk.

If you are over 18 it's also good to drink with a shot of a 'Baileys' type liqueur or maybe a shot of brandy.

All are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free.

The Dark chocolate is made from '71%' Nacional cocoa beans from Ecuador.

The White chocolate is made from '31%' Sanchez cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic.

The Milk chocolate is made from '43%' Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans from Venezuela.

The Sugar-Free chocolate is made from '55%' Cocoa beans.

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